adExploring Global Business Opportunities

Millions of people are tired of simply making a paycheck at a 9 to 5 job. It's also true that online affiliates and companies are frustrated trying to reach this eager audience. So why is it so hard for these two factions to connect?

Most affiliates chase the same people over and over.  Therefore, a ‘warm’ market of business opportunity seekers will quickly become a useless ‘burned out’ group.  The founders of Broadcast Wealth recognized this problem and developed an innovative solution.

Reaching Real People

The secret sauce is quite simple. People live, play and work in every city. The community targeting method finally puts an end to chasing your tail using some tired old email list. Broadcast Wealth places your information products, affiliate programs and opportunities in front of this virgin market. These are people that are not familiar with the usual internet 'biz opp' hangouts and blogs. Broadcast Wealth sidesteps the pitfalls of email filters and poorly performing push button systems by reaching real people in cities across the globe.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Free local business coupons, auto sales and job listings create the synergy between our city hub sites and the community. Visitors are 'sticky' and return frequently to view these sections and spend time in our Opportunity Grid. The grids rotate hundreds of different paycheck generating opportunities every time the page is reloaded!

Broadcast Wealth's guerrilla marketing team has developed the ultimate replacement for the local print publication…Card Mags. These full color cards are available in stores, restaurants and high traffic locations. Each month the cards change colors to signify that new content is available online. Post cards, live meet-ups and strategic sticker placements are just a few of the additional traffic tools in our bag of tricks.

New city hubs will come online every forty five to sixty days. A limited number of Opportunity Grid ad spots will be available in each city so advertisers must act fast. These spots will be sold quickly due to the affordable city advertisement subscription price ($25) and the unique affiliate compensation plan. Great traffic and the chance to make money with your own ad agency?