Own an advertising agency

You are not alone. Distributors, network marketers, online affiliates and information product producers are
all searching for traffic. Broadcast Wealth gives each advertiser the chance to make a serious residual paycheck by introducing others to the city based business opportunity concept. Promote your offer and get paid for telling others about the Broadcast Wealth secret.

The Affiliate Wealth Grid is the first of its kind in the industry. The logic behind its design promotes paycheck
generation in a 'partnership' model. Most compensation plans provide tiny profits because you will supposedly
make far more money through the numerous levels deep that you will be building. We have all seen those charts
and graphs! In reality you have a better chance of waking
up with the winning Powerball ticket.

City based ad affiliate system

Broadcast Wealth's Affiliate Grid puts the focus on opportunity advertisers personally referring new advertisers. No down lines, confusing qualifiers and tiny payout levels. A monthly ad subscription fee of $25 per city will unlock the affiliate system for that specific city. This means that a brand new paycheck center opens with every new Broadcast Wealth city opened! All referred advertisers will follow you into each new city affiliate plan. Double your 'ad agency' income by taking another city Opportunity Grid advertisement!

The 'Mirror Matrix' commission plan

The advertiser referral plan developed for Broadcast Wealth subscribers is capable of producing substantial paychecks with far less personal referrals. The one of a kind 'Mirror Matrix' structure builds two residual income streams. Every advertiser is placed into the company wide 'Even' and 'Odd' compensation plans. The system allocates $10, from the $25 ad fee, for each comp plan. In the graphics below you can see that the compensation plan allows you to keep every personal advertiser in one grid while passing them up in the other! The 'Mirror Matrix' concept combined with the city specific ad subscriptions is the most powerful residual income based opportunity available. A referred advertiser can generate 5, 10 or 20 commissions per month based on the number of city opportunity grid ads.